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Corporate communication helps to communicate with hundreds, sometimes thousands of employees within an organization. This challenge is further complicated in organizations with a global presence, where corporate headquarters is responsible for delivering the same message to satellite offices in geographically dispersed locations. But it's not enough to just create the message. Effective corporate communication involves not only the message itself, but also the medium that carries and delivers it. It's these two components of a communication that dictate whether employees will receive and understand it. But don't fool yourself in thinking that there's some long process of deliberation when they receive one of these messages. Most corporate communications will grab the attention of an employee for no more than a few seconds — if at all. It's within that very narrow window of opportunity that they will decide whether to read something or toss it aside.
Corporate communication comparises of advertising and image building, change and corporate culture, media relations, investors relations, international communication, communication policy, internal communication and technology, crisis communication, corporate citizenship and ethics, executive communication issues, building a communication culture, leadership and communication and public relations.

Corporate communications encodes and promotes

Strong corporate culture
•Coherent corporate identity
•Reasonable corporate philosophy
•Genuine sense of corporate citizenship
•An appropriate and professional relationship with the press, including quick, responsible ways of communicating in a crisis
•Understanding of communication tools and technologies
•Sophisticated approaches to global communications
How an organization communicates with its employees, its extended audiences, the press, and its customers brings its values to life.
Corporate Communications is all about managing perceptions and ensuring:
•Effective and timely dissemination of information •Positive corporate image •Smooth and affirmative relationship with all stakeholders

Suzuki Auto Receives 2007 MarCom Awards for Outstanding Communications
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals honors Suzuki for creative, effective dealer communications.

* Suzuki Auto collects seven MarCom Creative Awards, more than any other OEM
BREA, Calif. -- American Suzuki Motor Corp. announced that it has received seven prestigious MarCom Creative Awards for excellence in dealer training and communications in 2007. Suzuki Auto's seven MarCom awards, which represent more than any other auto manufacturer received in 2007, illustrate the company's commitment to deliver first-class communications and training support to its network of approximately 500 dealers nationwide.

Teaming with Drizen-Dohs Corporate Communications, Chatsworth, Calif. (DDCC) to produce printed sales support materials, and with Pacific Technology Solutions, Irvine, Calif. (PTS) to produce web-based dealership training courses, Suzuki Auto received a total of four Platinum and three Gold awards. The Platinum awards recognized DDCC's Vehicle Pocket Guide, a handy reference sales tool, and Fuel, a fact-filled salesperson publication, and PTS' Electrical 1 and Electronic Fuel Injection 1 training courses. Additionally, Suzuki received Gold awards for DDCC's Tracks, Suzuki Auto dealers' publication, and PTS' Parts Manager Bronze and Service Manager Bronze online operational training courses.


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