Saturday, July 5, 2008


Corporate advertising is an action of calling attention of the public by paid announcements which will help to benefit the company’s image as a whole rather than its products or services. Corporate image advertising should brand a company the way product advertising brands a product. Since it is a paid form of advertising the payment will be made by the corporate communication department or by the CEO’s office. A corporate ad campaign should be Strategic and Consistent. Corporate advertising falls into three categories:

  • Image advertising
  • Financial advertising
  • Issue advocacy

Corporate advertisement is a long term goal. It maintains the image of a company and it gives an idea about the mission and vision of the company. Therefore a good corporate advertising can enhance a company’s reputation. The benefit of such an ad is that it influences the decisions of its external constituents but at the same time these organizations need to be very careful and cautious during the issue of corporate ads as it inherits risks. This type of advertising will also help in attracting investors, influence opinions, increase overall sales and also recruit and retain employees.

Example of a Corporate Ad:

Example of a product Ad:

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